Hey, Guapos! I´m Maria

Your destination wedding photographer, who apart from traveling and exploring loves taking pictures of people who have a special story to tell in front of my camera. If you also enjoy to the fullest landscapes, great pictures and a good coffee, let’s meet!

Subtle Wedding Photographer

Travels and exploring new places gives me satisfaction in my life, however, photographing people who have a special and unique story to tell in front of my camera that´s the THING! It makes me feel fulfilled as a photographer showing subtle & real emotions and so feel grateful for my dream job.  And this was the main reason to create heyguapos.com – from then on I cannot believe how lucky I am to witness these happy forever-in-love faces.

If this is the profile of the photographer you´re looking for, let me know, I´ll be the happiest person on earth!
…apart from the fact we´ll enjoy to the fullest Austrian, Swiss or Spanish landscapes together.


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